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Nova Tank Systems specializes in the sale of above-ground storage of transportation fuels and onsite chemicals. With our Gas Station In-A- Box we offer a leading combination of architectural design, above ground fuel storage, portability, and support for concession sales. Together with our partner products, we provide solutions to a great number of today's mobile, portable, and on-site refueling needs.


Our products consider safety, storage capacity, portability, community and planning, cost, and environment and safety factors. We remain flexible to the technological, procedural, economic and environmental needs of each customer and community. All of our tank systems are portable, offering visibility and access to the entire refueling system. Through this, we can; minimize risk of environmental contamination through hidden leaks, offer a typical onsite installation of one to five days.


Today, planning for site use and community needs, requires consideration of the short, medium, and long term. Flexibility has become highly valuable and conventional gas stations with underground fuel storage might be less practical in many situations. Whether you’re located in a remote region or urban center, or require a retail, commercial, or industrial solution, Nova Tank Systems can help specify and execute a refueling solution that will meet your needs.


Nova Portable Fuel Tank Systems

We welcome the opportunity to meet and review your fuel station needs. For planning of needs, site preparation, compliance, and environmental requirements we can work with your preferred planning engineers or introduce you to one of our highly specialized partners. In most cases, a preliminary consultation will help you confirm the most appropriate type of fuel system for your site and needs. When initial information collected and concepts agreed, the design team is commissioned and work starts with 3D CAD concept drawings positioning the station on the target site or environment.

Configure and Design

In many cases, a standard product may only need a modest configuration to meet your needs.

In other cases, a more complex design is required.

Our modular considerations can even help build out a phased approach to the station. For each, we work with our core products, technologies, and service providers to create the solution you need. We don’t stop there, training and preventative maintenance are just as important and we can help.

Nova TS Yard photo Servo Guad.PNG
Delivery and Installation

After the units are completed at the facility, they are prepared for transportation to the selected site. During the production time, the site is prepared by our field teams in advance to make installation efficient.


Installation times generally take anywhere from one to five days. In most cases, the selected site will require sufficient ground works and an external power supply. For relocation of the unit, the breakdown and transport times are similar to the installation times. The patented cubic design of our systems allows for easy and more cost-effective installation and transportation than traditional gas stations or other fuel tanks.


Nova Tank Systems gives you peace of mind by providing a comprehensive maintenance program and schedule. Our fuel stations are designed and built with long life expectancy and durability. With the most extreme environmental conditions and climates in mind. We are committed to providing best in class customer service and support to our customers.







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