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Nova Tank Systems is also capable of providing a variety of fueling storage solutions to the mining industry. 

While mining is usually conducted in remote areas and isolation, the need to operate a fleet of heavy and other equipment on a regular basis is critical to the strategic and timely development plans in any mine. 


Providing our on-site one-stop solutions,  Nova's high-performance mobile tank systems have both the capacity and capability to operate in most environments and provide the necessary solutions right on site to ensure continuity of operations. 


Working in tandem with our fueling partners, Nova can provide tanks of various sizes and ensure they are capable to fuel equipment on an ongoing basis right at the heart of any mining operation. 

Head Office

#133 618 East Kent Ave S

Vancouver, BC Canada


For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 604-269-0111 or fill out the following form

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Office: 604-269-0111

Sales: 604-617-1405

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