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Vita is Nova’s premium retail unit designed with the same capability and functionality as a traditional station. Vita sets the standard when it comes to the future of retail fuel stations.
It’s minimal space and environmental footprint makes it less costly compared to traditional stations. As with all Nova products the fuel is stored inside the unit reducing the long-term environmental risks of in-ground storage tanks. This unit offers up to four chambers and can fuels up to two vehicles at once. Vita provides customers with the features they would expect with a traditional gas station in any operational environment with a high-end brand
image. It’s the perfect solution for a retail gas station site.

The portable design allows for rapid deployment, installation and easy transport. The entire fuel station is designed and built complete end to end at our facility in British Columbia. Our
stations are built to the highest quality standards and ensure the high level of quality that characterizes Canadian manufacturing. All stations meet or exceed all certifications required in North America.


• Made in Canada, with Canadian steel and select import parts.
• Exceeds manufacturing standards.
• Superior coatings and paint provide long-lasting aesthetics.
• 100% portable.


• Global overfill protection valves prevent filling spills
• Factory pre-testing and commissioning to ensure maximum quality and performance.
• Product level and temperature monitoring.
• Double wall construction incorporated with the highest environmental protection.


• Remote access via internet satellite connection.
• Remote monitoring of tank levels.
• Accommodates retail, fleet, commercial and industrial applications.
• We use brands such Gilbarco, Wayne, Tokheim and Gas Boy.



• Saves time and money with each transaction
• User and vehicle identification
• Easy to use Point of Sale systems located at or beside dispenser.



• Software package indicates fuel levels in real time for easy reordering.
• Automatic reports for any product loss and water ingress.
• All alarms and reports are stored for tracking and reporting.
• CCTV can be included as optional equipment package.




• Dispenser from 45 to 200 Litres per minute.
• Depending on configurations, submersible turbine ensures the product is always delivered to the dispenser.

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